The company

ORNO is one of the fastest growing distribution companies in Bulgaria.

We import products from leading global brands and we are the preferred supplier with proven success in sales and logistics in the country.


In our capacity as expert in wholesale trade we provide to our clients food and non-food products.


Large share of our business are fast moving products of renowned food brands. We also offer to our clients a wide range of household products from established international producers.


ORNO is a dynamic and fast-growing company, which works for the success of its partners.


Our team is comprise of professionals, who provide strategic and widely applicable market solutions. Our constant efforts to develop and maintain a long lasting relationships with the clients and suppliers have contributed to our reputation as a loyal and reliable partner.


Our goal is to continuously provide new products, to be the first to introduce the current trends on the market, as well as to offer highly-demanded articles at an acceptable for the Bulgarian standards price. In order to achieve our goal we work with established producers, as well as with new ones that offer innovative products and have a proven market positions. This approach, with exclusive focus on the client, makes us a preferred supplier.


ORNO builds and develops a modern trading and logistics structure, with nationwide coverage in conformity with the needs and demands of our partners.




Our vision

ORNO is a dynamic, innovative and reliable business partner.

We maintain mutually profitable and strategic partnerships and provide our clients excellent, value added innovative and cost-efficient services and market solutions.

Our mission

We develop stable business relationships, which allow us to offer our clients the best products.

We offer personalized services in conformity with the needs and expectations of our partners. With the wide range of food and non-food products, regular reports and always on time deliveries, we continuously provide the best solutions through the delivery chain, so as to satisfy the needs of the Bulgarian market for high-quality products.