essence and CATRICE became part of the brands in ORNO's portfolio

essence and CATRICE became part of the brands in ORNO's portfolio

As of March 27th, 2023. the distribution of colour cosmetics brands essence and Catrice it is taken over by company Orno AD. We would like to thank everyone who cooperated with essence and CATRICE so far, and we believe that company Orno AD will continue business cooperation with companies who are interested in working with essence and CATRICE to our mutual satisfaction.

We wish everyone further successful business cooperation.

German company cosnova, brands owner, develops new products.

essence – MAKE BEAUTY FUN!

essence makes beauty fun! A huge selection of products, amazing colours and the latest trends for unlimited looks and styles – that’s what we call PINK.

Great performance, professional textures and easy to use products - for the price you always love – that’s what makes essence PROUD.

essence cares. And we mean it.

Animal welfare, nature and our planet are the most important to us. We have never carried out any testing on animals, which is prohibited by EU law. Animals shouldn’t suffer for our love of make-up! That is why our products are cruelty free!

From 2021 on, we now produce 100% of our products with only vegan ingredients. essence does this using research on plant-based and synthetic ingredients, to give you the same performance that you love.

essence only collaborates with partners & suppliers that we trust. 82% of our products are manufactured in Europe. All production processes fulfill international quality requirements and, most importantly, own high standards.

essence means fun for all – PINK & PROUD, no exceptions!

·       Europe’s No. 1 cosmetics brand (in units)

·       Distributed in around 90 countries

·       33.000 Point of Sales worldwide


CATRICE. It's not magic, it's makeup.

We are CATRICE. We develop make-up with all our hearts. Trends are our passion. High quality standards spur us on. For you.

We love to create and inspire you. Every face is our canvas.

We want the most beautiful colours with the best, safest ingredients for you. That's what we are working on.

We believe that make-up makes you happy. And we are only truly happy when we are not harming any living creature on this earth. That's what we're committed to.

·       CATRICE is distributed in 80 countries

·       Over 90 % of our products come from Europe

·       99 % of our products are vegan